Published by World Scientific Press, the book lays out the history of how we came to be in the emergency we are in now, what we have tried

before, and how we can get out. During her long academic career, Dr. Chichilnisky has written a myriad of book on climate, pioneered the concept of “basic needs,” and was the author of the carbon market for the Kyoto Protocol. She brings an insider’s perspective on how we as a global community can avoid the worst-case scenarios with respect to climate change.

The book puts the conclusion in the title, we need negative emissions. However, far from simply lecturing her audience on what someone else should do, Dr. Chichilnisky has helped to invest a technology and start a company that are actively working on increasing negative emissions capacity. All of this is contained in her book which is informative, optimistic, accessible to an average reader, and of the highest quality.

You can listen to Dr. Chichilnisky’s podcast here.