This spring, international stock exchange executives will gather in New York for ISEEE’s Spring 2014 Meeting. Our CEO Graciela Chichilnisky will be presenting at the private event. Below is more information on the session Graciela will be participating in:

Discussion Session: “Market Developments Worldwide – the Problems and Opportunities and the Actions to be Taken”

Topics to be Discussed:

  • The “Fair Tax” – Effect on Exchange Markets
  • Development of a Secondary Market for Small Cap Companies
  • Market Developments at African Exchanges
  • Fiduciarization of the Financial Securities Sector
  • Merits of Introducing a “best interest” standard (i.e. fiduciary statndard) for those advising retail clients and public responsibilities for stock exchanges that profit from high frequency trading
  • Proposed regulation or banning of high frequency trading and dark pools – some exchanges like HFT as it drives volumes but exchanges do not like dark pools
  • Proposals to ban payment for order flow and related issues such as rebates (maker/taker) and soft dollar arrangements
  • Conflicts between For-Profit Exchanges and the public good. How do you keep competition and the need to drive EPS from undermining capital formation and leading to higher levels of systemic risk . Concerns that capital formation is under pressure. Who is the ombudsman for capital formation? What has been lost in the age of for profit, competitive, computer based trading?
  • Crowdfunding, the Problems and Opportunities

Session Co-Chairmen: Richard Bernard, Former Executive Vice President and General Counsel NYSE and John Herzog, Founder of the Museum of American Finance

Presentations by:


Drasko Veselinovic, Founder Ljubljana Stock Exchange

Aril Seren, Former Vice Chairman Istanbul Stock Exchange

Professor Dr. Rüediger von Rosen, Former CEO Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Hannes Takacs, Former Head of Consulting and International Projects at Vienna Stock Exchange


Nik Mohamed Din, Former Executive Chairman Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange

Middle East and Africa

Tom Minney, Former General Manager Namibian Stock Exchange

Mohamed Abdel Salam, Former Executive Chairman Egyptian Securities Exchange

North America

A. Michael Lipper, Founder, Lipper Advisory Services Inc., and Former Chairman Advisory
Committee to NYSE Board of Directors

Steve Shelton, Former President Scottish Crown Life Insurance Company, Bermuda, Current President Cornerstone Global Group, LLC, Chicago

Edward Waitzer, Former Vice President, Toronto Stock Exchange and Chairman of Ontario Securities Commission and IOSC

Dr. Graciela Chichilnisky, Professor, Columbia University and Chief Executive Officer, Global Thermostat

Anatoly Veltman, Former Manager of Dow Jones Moscow; Chief Global Analyst, M3 Capital

Alex Magid, Former USSR Government Official, Moscow; Board Member, M3 Capital