Countries have developed during the past 20 years, but questions have remained unanswered: What kind of development have we had? What has really happened in past 20 years? Have things got better or worse for most people and most things on the planet and its systems? What kind of growth we have had? Does the sustainable development concept make societies from developed, developing and undeveloped countries wealthier, happier or healthier? The gap between richer and poorer sections of society has increased. World economies have grown and developed in terms of and in relation to their GDP. On the one side, there is poverty (deficit) and on the other side, there is wastage (excess). The global economy witnessed a high degree of imbalance in terms of extraction and usage of resources. The state of nature and its natural resources like the quality of water and air are on a downward spiral and have reached an alarming point.

With this as the background, the Meghalaya Economic Association (MEA) in collaboration with IIM, Shillong is organizing an International Seminar on Green Economics: “The Road to a Balanced and Healthy Economy” on the 7th and 8th August, 2014 in Shillong. The noted personalities, Prof. Graciela Chichilnisky, Colombia University and the Architect of carbon credit market, and Miriam Kennet, founder of Green Economics Institute, United Kingdom have been invited as key speakers to the proposed seminar. The event will also draw together academicians, government officials, political leaders and key institutional, business and sustainability practitioners to create, explore and share experiences related to the subject.­­­­

The event will take place August 7th and 8th at the Pinewood Hotel in Meghalava, India. For more information, click here.