University of Sussex Politics Society
27 October 2020
A Social Club at the University of Sussex
Sussex House, Falmer
Brighton, BN1 9RH
United Kingdom

The Politics Society is the largest student body at Sussex. In its short history, they have won the National Politics Society of the Year award and have evolved into one of Britain’s most prestigious student politics societies. From the President of Azad Kashmir to former United States Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power, they have hosted world-leading politicians, thinkers, and activists alike who have spoken on the most important issues of the day.

In aspirations of building on their prior success and continuing to grow the society, our very own Dr. Graciela Chichilnisky was invited to share her real-life experience and expertise to supplement the academic learning of student members.

To hear and see the discussion, you will need to visit the Sussex Politics Society’s Facebook page by clicking on the player below.