Graciela Chichilnisky will be a speaker in this closed panel discussion hosted by Financial Times.

Date: Thursday April 27

How can SMEs win in changing markets?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play an important role in the vitality of local economies
both in the UK and US. As they look to expand their business, the latest developments in international
trade – for example the prospect of a new trade deal between these countries – are likely to affect their
growth plans. New technologies are also opening up new opportunities for SMEs and can help them to
make their mark in the international arena. What are the challenges and opportunities of a new UK-US
trade deal? How can SMEs win in changing markets and how can they tackle barriers to growth? What is
the role of technology in strengthening trade relations?
This confidential editorial breakfast, organised by the Financial Times in partnership with Western
Union, will bring together a varied group of UK and US policy makers, business leaders and analysts to
understand the key obstacles to growth and to learn more about the practical solutions.

08:00 Guest arrival and welcome refreshments
08:10 Welcome remarks from Ed Crooks, US Industry Editor, Financial Times
08:15 Opening remarks from Kerry Agiasotis, President, Western Union Business Solutions
08:25 Discussion commences

What are the challenges and opportunities presented by a new US-UK trade deal? How can SMEs take
advantage of the changing transatlantic market?

Is a rapid launch and conclusion of a trade agreement between the US and the UK possible? Which factors
would affect the length of time required to conclude this deal?

How will SMEs be affected by the new US tone of protectionism and anti-globalisation? Will business for
trade-facing SMEs become harder or easier under the Trump administration?

As both the UK and the US are actively distancing themselves from larger, neighbouring trading partners,
how important is foreign trade for US-UK businesses? To what extent are companies in both countries
dependent on each other? Will it become harder or easier to sell to specific markets?

How can SMEs successfully win high value contracts and trade with larger businesses? What are the
barriers to accessing supply chains and financial resources? Are SMEs being removed from the value chain
as new technologies increase return on scale and replace their function?

What is the role of technology in finding new customers and creating a trustworthy business
environment? Which skills and resources are required for SMEs to keep up with technological
developments? What are the other practical solutions for growth in international trade landscape?

10:00 Closing remarks from Ed Crooks, US Industry Editor, Financial Times